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released January 1, 2013



all rights reserved


Speed Slaughter Magazine&Productions Texas

Next to a magazine, SpeedSlaughter magazine & productions has it`s own cd production. The SpeedSlaughter label is a extra service of SpeedSlaughter magazine, to help out bands when no label can (or wants to) release their album. So if you`re in a position like that with your band/project, contact us, also for reviews or interviews you can contact us. ... more

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Track Name: 01 FuckYouShima
FuckYouShima (3x)
Track Name: 02 For god`s saké
Drink a lot of saké,
drink yourself into a coma,
before you die by a nuklear disaster.
For god`s saké!
Track Name: 03 Nuklear shark
Through radioactive water he swims; the great white.
He transforms into a monstrous walking nuklear shark, a monster!
He mutilates and kills people that eat sharkfinsoup.
The revenge of nuklear shark!
Track Name: 04 Giant nuklear mushrooms
A enormous nuklear explosion in Hiroshima
and one later in Nagasaki, that was no fun.
But we saw 2 funny giant nuklear mushroom shaped clouds,
they were funny to see but we had to run.
Track Name: 05 Radioaktive teddybear
A baby in bed is waiting for the dead,
holding its radioactive teddy bear
while we drink a lot of beer.
Track Name: 06 Glow in the dark seaweed
I was driving around in Fukushima with my car.
Unfortunately I did not come far.
After a few explosions I was very certain, it would not
be enough to hide behind a iron curtain.
The reaktor leaked radioactive shit into the sea,
that is not good for you and me.
But it`s fun indeed, now we have glow in the dark seaweed!
Track Name: 07 Nuklear barbeque party fight
The saucages and burgers are ready to be consumed,
the stereo plays a cd of Exhumed. And hell yeah, I see,
my guests fight at my great nuklear barbecue party.
I looked up in the air, some mushroomclouds here and there.
Lots of booze and really nothing to lose. I didn`t give a fuck
because this nuklear barbecue fight just didn`t suck.
Track Name: Plutonium shogun war
I am a Shogun yeah that is fun
I live like a king and swing with my thing
I`m so sexy and bling bling
People are jealous but I don`t give a fuck
I look sexy and you look like Donald Duck
But I have to rule a land you see
This is too childish for me
You have gone too far, be ready for a
plutonium Shogun war.
Track Name: 09 Aftershock sushi mess
In the kitchen of the sushi restaurant where I work
I made sushi with a spoon and a fork
But then the nearby Fukushima plant exploded
Our restaurant catched fire, costumers were shocked and soaked
water came out of the sprinklers it was like a bad joke
It was dripping into my ass we has a aftershock sushi mess
Track Name: 10 Hot nights in Nagasaki
Some like it hot, I like it chill,
hot nagasaki nights are way too hot for me
and I leave Nagasaki before the kill,
I prefer good sushi with wasabi having a thrill.
Track Name: 12 Special sushimi blast
Working in the kitchen sucks
Only raw fish, rice and seaweed
I want to make a couple of bucks
Why won`t you order fries and meat?
Raw fish and saké that tastes like piss
I do not want to wash the dish
It disgusts me to see you eat and kiss
and eat sharkfinsoup and raw fish
Why do you order a sashimi as well?
You just go straight to fucking hell
Eat that disgusting food you maniac
ad i`ll put your corpse in a trashbag.
Track Name: 13 Nuklear death fart
I was drinking beer and eating some sharkfinsoup
but not for long because I needed to do a poop
I was farting badly in the restaurants dining room
I needed to take a shit so bad the smell it would be your doom
But a plane dropped a nuklear bomb it was a direct hit
I farted loud and my pants were filled up with shit.
Track Name: 16 Burp fart death
I had to burp so very loud
luckily it found its way out
but not out of my ass
it is stinky nuklear gas
It was horrible and damn, it hurt
I farted, on the floor lies a big turd
Track Name: 17 Nuklear booze death
The reaktor has exploded
pain in my head
Afraid of the nuklear radiation
I wait for the dead
Dark clouds surround the affected area.
I don`t want a cup of coffee or a cup of tea
Where`s the fucking booze when you need it.
By accident I grab in some waitress her tit
I drank all the saké and mirin was there to be found.
Now I die in peace and soon I lie dead on the ground.
Track Name: 18 FuckYouShima - Nuklear karaoke version
Repeat FuckYouShima after me!