1. The Mutilation and Death of the Holy pt. II; True Norwegian Black Metal Attack

  2. Lord Andras-My Heart Once Sang Aloud EP

  3. Noestalgya-Cold

  4. Necrolepsy-Exhibition of Mutilated Apparatus mcd + bonus track!

  5. Black Oath-Diabolical demo 2016

  6. Jehovah The Satyr-Philanthrope

  7. Crown of Twilight-Mist

  8. Lord Gorgo-Queen of the Demons + bonus: Battle Hymns

  9. Lord Gorgo-Dreamland of Forgotten Times

  10. Lord Gorgo-Escape from Emptiness

  11. Conquerror/Penis Christ-Crucufixion of the Bastard Son

  12. Conquerror-After Agony

  13. Plagues of Rhyzyktus/Tenebastulum-The Aura of Purified Hatred split cd

  14. A Gathering of Four Tyrants 4 way split album

  15. Curse of Wotan-Staredown on Nothing/Ancient Faith and Strength/The Ritual for Mother Earth

  16. Curse of Wotan-We are Cursed

  17. Curse of Wotan-Winter Sadness ep

  18. Penis Christ-Wrath of Satan

  19. Penis Christ-The Final Massacre

  20. Lepra-Ladykiller

  21. Lepra-Spek - Takel

  22. Zeeuwse Meisjes Molestors-Satan is a Z.M.M. Worshipper

  23. Luciferian Insectus-The Sacrifice Continues

  24. Valtiel/Vintered split ep 2013

  25. Demoniacal-Dwelling in Funeral Mist

  26. Penis Christ-Nocturnal Slaughter

  27. ReakThor-FuckYouShima

  28. Morktar/S.F.I./Grimsvotn-UK Underground Black Metal Winter 2013

  29. Luciferian Insectus-The Beckoning Call

  30. Akerthorpe-Cold Loving Morgue

  31. Graverobber-Conscious Autopsy

  32. Luciferian Insectus-Zal Van Beherit

  33. Plagues of Rhyzyktus-The Decimation of Ethereal Mendacity

  34. SpeedSlaughter-The Mutilation & Death of the Holy PT.I

  35. A Funeral Moon in the Northern Sky-Darkthrone tribute

  36. A Tribute to Mother (charity compilation album)

  37. Massdd-The Official Soundtrack of Eternal Torment

  38. The End-White Lotus

  39. The End-You Made the Rain Disappear


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Next to a magazine, SpeedSlaughter magazine & productions has it`s own cd production. The SpeedSlaughter label is a extra service of SpeedSlaughter magazine, to help out bands when no label can (or wants to) release their album. So if you`re in a position like that with your band/project, contact us, also for reviews or interviews you can contact us. ... more

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